How Can I Volunteer ?                                                                        http://visaghana.org
Volunteer your skills, time and commitment to help us provide welfare and future for disadvantaged girls and children in Ghana.
Why help Us?You will help to bring the gift education and welfare to the needy. You will find the satisfaction and self-fulfillment that come from helping less fortunate people in Ghana and Africa. We are indeed poised to help you walk the shores of life by leaving a positive footprint.
During your stay in Ghana, you will live with a Ghanaian family and have the opportunity to learn and share the culturally fulfilling Ghanaian experience.

What can I do?We believe there are no better skills than dedication to work.
You can volunteer in teaching, research work, care work, babysitting, your skills in general building and laboring, organizational skills, fund raising-art exhibition skills, writing articles or news about the organization’s programs in the local media or the organization’s humanity magazine journalism and presenting proposals, arranging and inviting corporate bodies or philanthropists to make a distant adoption of street girls children and babies. Your skills on workshops for the rights and protection of girls and vulnerable, empowering women and campaigns for women advancement in Ghana.

Manifestation of programs Volunteers can also understand that, whilst in Ghana programs or projects for the girls and children can develop by itself within the community. Don’t be surprise doing something new in addition to your preferred project or caught up in community event.
When can you help us?We will welcome your help and enthusiasm at any time throughout the year.
Language & Cultural and Orientation Program = $220

The participation fees covers the following:
  1. Airport pick-up and transportation from Accra to your project sites
  2. Three times daily local dishes.
  3. Introduction to host family and program
  4. Accommodation
  5. Placement and supervision in program
  6. Medical Assistance
  7. 24/7 Hotline for support
  8. Recommendation Letter / Certificate
  9. In country introduction/orientation
  10. Regular Culture/Recreational Activities (Personal spending not included)
What fee does not cover?Traveling on weekends to tourist attraction centers and entering fees for any tourist place/ hotel accommodations
  1. Smoking /drinking and clubbing
  2. Air ticket
  3. Transportation from host family to project
  4. Damage to or loss of luggage (baggage) – property.
  5. Insurance
  6. Internet access
  7. Vaccinations
  8. Meals outside host family
  9. Phone calls
  10. Medical bills

1 week$250
2 weeks$570
3 wks$660
4 wks(1 month)$750
5 wks$850
6 wks$950
7 wks$1050
8 wks(2 months)  $1150
9 wks$1230
10 wks$1310
11 wks$1390
12 wks(3 months)  $1470
16 wks(4 months)  $1790
20 wks(5 months)  $2110
24 wks(6 months) $2350