The Kumasi-Kejetia Kayayei resettlement centre and Clinic, located at the heart of the market has the following facilities or units
  1. Clinic- Proper healthcare for vulnerable kayayei and their children.
  2. Public Address System or the Radio-Kejetia –To share beneficial information to the kejetia market women and kayayei in Kumasi, to reach out to them to educate these groups on important social topics such as health and education for their children, women rights-advocacy
  3. Marriage Redress Center –This unit would have a team of local and foreign volunteers who are endowed in the law to assist in addressing marriage grievance for the market women and kayayei.
  4. Report of abuse  place to report all forms of abuse, security and extending welfare to the girls .
  5. Data Collection Dept- .The Centre among other things will have local and foreign volunteers who will be tasked to monitor, collect data such as age, identity, place of origin, etc. Volunteers will assess training needs of these Kayayei and recommend appropriate training etc
  6. Anti-child trafficking unit, because kejetia has long been the transit point for traffickers. The trafficking dept.will coordinate with authorities in the North to strategize against such movements and punish the culprits. ii. The PA system would educate and project the public against child trafficking.
G. An invitational center for corporate bodies to sponsor and resettle Kayayei to school.